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Adville Health & Safety

Adville Limited adhere to strict Health & Safety guidelines and legislation in all aspects of work.

To ensure this standard all personnel receive internal and external training in applications of batteries and products.

All Adville employees are adequately trained for the task assigned. A minimum of one Qualified Engineer will be present at all times for safety and referral.

Health & Safety Policy
  • Promoting health and safety as an integral part of the duties of management and employees.
  • Encouraging both employee and contract staff involvement in safety performance improvement.
  • Complying with all applicable legislation.
  • Selecting and training all key employees, and assessing them for competence.
  • Promoting safe working practices, efficient operating conditions and preventing of accidents.
  • Using contractors whose commitment to safe working can be clearly and continuously demonstrated.
  • Continuous improvement in safety performance
Further information

If you have any questions about Adville Limited's Health & Safety Policy...

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Engineer training
  • COSH assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Appointed first aid
  • Manual handling
Senior engineer training
  • City & Guilds 236 qualified
  • Latest DC power training
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