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Minimal disruption installation is essential to ensure efficient and safe install of power systems.

Adville Limited offer inclusive site installation services of power systems covering most types of manufacture. Throughout and on completion of installation, all redundant materials are removed in accordance with legislation and the site left clean.

Advice and guidance

Comprehensive advice and guidance on power systems installation is always available.

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All installations are carried out to precise standards, including:-
  • detailed instruction/job form
  • method statement
  • risk assessment
  • redundant material removal
  • customer satisfaction signature

In the case of large installations or where the customer requires, site visits will be made to ensure local conditions are met, and all aspects are considered to obtain minimal interruption to other site activities.

All installation work is carried out to customer satisfaction and is only left when the customer’s signature is given for inclusion onto our job form and instruction sheet.

As with any extensive work package, Adville will issue after consultation with customer staff, a Method Statement and Risk Assessment as part of our working standards.

Commissioning discharge test

Where required a commissioning discharge test and certification can be undertaken.

Engineer training
  • COSH assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Appointed first aid
  • Manual handling
Senior engineer training
  • City & Guilds 236 qualified
  • Latest DC power training
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