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Regular service checks and records are essential to determine battery-operating conditions throughout its service life.

The service history of any battery can determine the service life remaining and prevent premature failure.

Keeping a log of all data recorded during each visit will also protect the warranty in the event of battery failure.

Purpose of service
  • Optimise Battery Life
  • Create a Service History
  • Reduce the Risk of Premature Failure
  • Perform Corrective Action

Tailored service

Our service programmes can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.

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Minor service - involves recording the minimal information without isolating the battery system from the charging equipment.
  • Individual float voltages
  • Charger Output I
  • Charger Output V
  • Ambient and Surface Temperature

A visual inspection is also performed to determine the following:

  • Condition of inter-unit/cell connectors
  • Condition of battery take-off cables
  • Condition of unit/cell cases
  • Condition of battery stand/cabinet
  • Correct unit/cell numbering
  • Missing or damaged insulation covers
Minor service benefits
  • Can be performed during normal working hours
  • No risk of being without a standby battery in the event of a mains failure
  • Low cost
Major service - requires the battery to be isolated from the charging equipment (normally outside of normal working hours).

Additional checks can be performed during a major service that cannot be performed during a minor service.

  • Checking all bolted connections for the correct tightness.
  • Perform a discharge test to determine battery capacity.
  • Replace corroded inter-cell connectors or faulty units
Major service benefits
  • Opportunity to perform corrective action
  • More detailed service history
  • Reduces the risk of premature failure
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